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Patrick Warren Navy

I was just an E-3 in the US Navy, living in the barracks at my first A school in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

My days consisted of waking up around 6:30 am and going to class until 4:00 pm, eating, then doing 2 to 3 hours of homework, then exercising. You could say that I needed and valued my sleep.

I started waking up with bites. I would have clusters of stinging bites on my arms. When I’d fall asleep, I’d wake up 45 minutes later to nasty itchy bites. When I was at school in class, sometimes I’d get fresh bites unknowingly and look down to see and feel new bites on my arm.

I had no idea what I was dealing with, but it was sure annoying, distracting, and made falling and staying asleep unnecessarily difficult.

To this day I suspect that I either had bed bugs or fleas. Definitive End kills both.

Once I left that barracks room, the problem magically disappeared. Leads me to believe they were hiding under the mattress.


definitive end and defensive end bottles

Fast forward a year or 2 and I’m an E-4 stationed now in California, renting a house with a dude from the Army to save a few bucks before I shipped out to my next duty station.

The thing was, there was also a major ant problem in full force!

We would spray and spray with common store-bought pesticides but we could not get rid of the ants. They were everywhere. They were relentless, and nothing worked against them. The ants were always in the bathroom and kitchen, and any efforts to stop them not only didn’t work, but would maybe slow the ants down for a day or so.

The US Army and Navy together could not even bring down the impetuous ant regime.

Fortunately, Definitive End kills ants too.


Throughout college and my early professional life I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with roaches at a few different apartment complexes, as many people often do. Sometimes it seems there’s nothing that can be done aside from buying traps and getting the place sprayed.

I hated chemicals, protested exterminator treatments with the landlord and I always used store bought bait traps. Buying traps usually worked but it took multiple purchases and a long time, or the roaches would often avoid the traps, or it was just ugly to look at those things for 6 months out of the year, when the weather would warm up and they’d be hunting for food and water.

Definitive End kills roaches too!


natural pesticides for garden aphids

I was doing some organic gardening and everything was going fine. My plants were growing big and bright, healthy, and I was looking forward to the harvest. So were the bugs. Little mites started eating up the plants. I tried some natural pest solutions but they were all super oily or didn’t quite work.

Definitive End works great for stopping the microscopic garden pests that are eating your tomatoes!

And it rinses right off, unlike the greasy non-chemical alternatives!

Definitive End kills mites and other garden variety pests. It will even safely kill head and body lice.


no fly zoneDefinitive End stops most major bug infestations.

Sorry, it can’t help you with flies.

Except, you might need to take out the trash.


**(December 2015 Update)**

-we discovered it actually does repel flies too, but we still decided to take out the trash just to be on the safe side